facility policies

Miami University’s Electron Microscopy Facility (EMF) is utilized by over 90 users (undergraduate & graduate students, faculty, and staff) from 9 different departments (including the branch campuses) each year. Since we are utilized by such a large number of users from very diverse backgrounds for a wide range and variety of projects and techniques the rules for the EMF have to be different than those found in individual faculty research labs. The primary goals of these rules are: (1) to ensure the safety of all of our users, (2) to ensure continued access to the best research tools for all our users, and (3) to provide an environment that allows for the best data collection possible.

A. General Policy
B. Safety Chemicals C. Equipment Microscopes D. Darkrooms
E. Computers Usage
Data storage
F. Liquid Nitrogen
G. Guests at the EMF
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richard e. edelmann, ph.d.,
matt l. duley, m.s.,
microscopy specialist
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