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Operating Instructions

These manuals provide information on proper usage of the equipment in the Center for Advanced Microscopy & Imaging. They are in Adobe Acrobat format (*.pdf), which you will need to download if it is not already installed on your system. Click on the icon below to open a new browser window from which you can download the Adobe Acrobat reader for free.
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Poster Printing Instructions:
- Poster Printing Guidelines for the Microscopy Center

Hardware Instructions:
- Denton Desk II Cold Sputter Unit Operating Instructions
- EDAX2000 Operating Instructions
- JEOL JEM-1200 EX II TEM Microscope
- JEOL 840a SEM Microscope
- HKL/Nordlys EBSD System Operating Instructions
- Olympus FV500 Confocal Microscope Operating Instructions
- Nikon PCM2000 Confocal Operating Instructions
- Tousimis Samdri 780A Critical Point Dryer Operating Instructions
- Zeiss 10C TEM Microscope Operating Instructions
- Zeiss 710 Confocal Microscope Operating Instructions
- Zeiss Supra35VP SEM Microscope Operating Instructions

Reference Materials:
- Common Fluorescent Dye Characteristics

Exams to become an Unsupervised User of the EMF:
- JEOL 100S Unsupervised User Exam
- Zeiss 10C TEM Unsupervised User Exam
- JEOL T200 SEM Unsupervised User Exam
- Phillips 505 SEM Unsupervised User Exam

Archived Instrument Instructions:
- JEOL 100S TEM Microscope
- JEOL T200 SEM Microscope Operating Instructions
- Arkay N2 Negative Processor Operating Instructions
- Hitachi H7000/7110 TEM Scan microscope

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