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We're Moving

After 25 years in Pearson Hall the Microscopy Center is moving back to Upham Hall. The ground floor of the North wing of Upham Hall is presently undergoing a complete renovation to house the New Microscopy Facility. This move and renovation will address the critical space and environmental issues of the existing EM Facility in Pearson Hall and shows the financial commitment by the Provost's office, the College of Arts & Science, and the State of Ohio to Microscopy teaching and research at Miami. The EM Facility currently has nearly 300 faculty and student users from 76 different research laboratories in the Departments of Anthropology, Botany, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Electron Microscopy Facility, Geology, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Microbiology, Paper Science & Chemical Engineering, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, Physics, Psychology, Speech and Audiology, and Zoology from the Oxford, Hamilton and Middletown campuses. We also work with researchers from a number of regional colleges, universities and high schools. Currently a TEM, a confocal, two light scopes, and some sample preparation equipment are in storage simply because of space limitations in Pearson Hall. Additionally, the building vibration as well as acoustic and electromagnetic noise in the Pearson location is limiting the ultimate resolution of the microscopes.

Rat fink and scope

Image before renovation Image Gutted Upham Hall Image the big pour Image framing rooms
Upham Hall, Ground floor North wing pre-renovation 11/13/09 Gutted! Upham Hall, Ground floor North wing is gutted in preparation for renovation. 02/11/10 The Big Pour! A massive concrete slab approximately 80 x 10 x 3 thick is poured in one big pour. This slab will minimize vibrations in the electron microscope areas. 03/04/10 Framed! The studs are going up, framing in each room! 03/26/10
Image Framing main hallway Image Dry wall installation more images soon! more images soon
Have a seat! Framing goes in for the main public hallway which includes a pair of small benches. 04/08/10 Drywall! The framing is up the electrical conduit and plumbing pipes are in now the insulation and drywall goes up. This room will eventually house the new JEOL 2100 TEM. 04/21/10 with descriptions! here too!